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by BRL Sports Nutrition

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BRL Sports Nutrition Altitude RX Sickness Remedy You're headed for a long-awaited ski trip in the Rocky Mountains. You fly into Denver International Airport at 5,320 feet above sea level ... you hop on a smaller jet that takes you right to the Aspen/Pitkin airfield at 7,815 feet And finally, you arrive by taxi at a spectacular alpine chalet in bright sunshine with azure-blue skies at 7,908 feet just steps away from your room is a chairlift that can take you up to 11,200 feet. You look all around you. The valleys are filled with fir and spruce trees. The peaks tower above you. The mountains beckon you to ski, or snowboard, or hike, or hunt, or fish - whatever you came to the mountains to do. As you settle into your room with a 180-degree view of the soaring ridge you plan to hike to tomorrow morning, you notice a slight pain just behind your eyes ... An hour later, you've got a throbbing headache ... A couple of hours later, your stomach is spinning, you feel short of breath, and all you can do is curl up in the fetal position and try to sleep ... Altitude RX will: Reduce the symptoms of Altitude Sickness Be free to enjoy every moment of your trip to the mountains Feel as energized and fit as the people who live year-round at altitude Avoid wasting time feeling rotten in your room or tent on your first days in the mountains Feel confident using this all-natural nutritional supplement that's completely free of side effects Gain an edge on some alpine athletes in competitions Feel less anxious and stressed out (one of the lesser-known symptoms of AMS) Greatly reduce the chance of ending up in the emergency room with altitude sickness And prevent your precious vacation or business-travel time from getting wasted

  • Reduce the symptoms of Altitude Sickness
  • Feel less anxious and stressed out
  • Gain an edge on some alpine athletes in competitions