Neprinol 500 mg - 90 Capsules

by Arthur Andrew

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Brand Arthur Andrew
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Serving size 1 Capsule
Servings per container 90
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Neprinol is formulated specifically to support healthy circulatory and immune systems. It consists of multiple enzymes that are used to promote blood purity‚ providing for healthy liver and cardiovascular function. Neprinol also encourages healthy levels of fibrin‚ a protein essential to blood clotting. This supplement also serves to reduce reduce inflammation.

Some of the systemic enzymes in Neprinol are nattokinase‚ serrapeptase‚ papain‚ and bromelain; these enzymes work together in order to promote healthy endogenous blood particle (EBP) levels. EBPs are unwanted particles of decayed cells or fibrin in the blood stream. Although some fibrin is necessary in the blood‚ excessive amounts of it can cause dangerous blood clots and lead to deep vein thrombosis. Strokes and other serious health issues may result.

Nattokinase‚ one of the main enzymes in Neprinol‚ has blood-thinning properties. This can prove beneficial if you’re prone to high levels of fibrin or arterial plaque. It’s even been used to prevent blood clots in the legs during long periods of sitting‚ such as airplane flights. Another enzyme in this capsule‚ serrapeptase‚ dissolves blood clots and reduces inflammation. Bromelain‚ a similar enzyme‚ is also used as an anti-inflammatory‚ while also reducing the level of certain EBPs that contain protein. In addition‚ your body uses bromelain to break down protein in the digestive system.

Rubin is a bioflavonoid used for several purposes: it acts as an anti-inflammatory that can reduce the symptoms of arthritis and varicose veins.

Ubiquinone is actually present in every cell in your body and is vital to cell energy—that’s why Neprinol contains it. It’s used as an antioxidant‚ and studies have found ubiquinone improves symptoms associated with heart failure in certain individuals.

Magnesium is another ingredient in Neprinol. Although its main function is promoting healthy bones‚ it also plays a vital role in blood circulation and cardiovascular health. Magnesium decifiency can cause arteries to constrict (tighten)‚ therefore raising blood pressure. A healthy level of magnesium can reduce the risk of diabetes‚ high blood pressure‚ and cardiovascular disease.

The suggested dosage of Neprinol ranges from one to four capsules between meals‚ depending on what your doctor recommends. If you’re only taking one a day‚ this 90 capsule version will last you months before you need a refill. However‚ if you need a larger dosage of Neprinol or need to take it for an extended period of time‚ you might want to try our 150 or 300 capsule bottles.

Supplement Fact

Serving Size 1 Capsule
Serving per container 90
Amount Per Serving

Neprinol Blend: 500mg
SEBkinase Systemic and Lipolytic Enzyme Blend:
(NattoSEB (USP Grade Nattokinase)‚ Peptizyme SP (USP Grade Serratiopeptidase)‚ Lipase)
Neprinol Protease Blend:
(Microbial proteases derived From (A. orzyae‚ B. subtilis and Serratia))
Neprinol Enzyme and Cofactor Blend:
(Amla‚ Papain‚ Bromelain‚ Rutin‚ Ubiquinone (USP Grade Coenzyme Q10)‚ Magnesium Ammoniate)

Take 1 to 4 capsules with 8oz of water between meals or as directed by your health physician. Neprinol may be safely taken with Syntrol and/or other supplements.

Do not take this product without the consent of your physician if you are currently taking anti-coagulants (or if you are pregnant or lactating as these test groups have not been clinically studied).